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2008 -2006
Same Old Song
confusions in archive Dr. Panglos
She Seemed so Pure
Birth of Adam
retired general Wheel of Fortune
She wanted to fly so bad
Once upon a Time
Takea brake
there must be the sun somwhere
"There must be sun somewhere"
The dark piece of granite, placed on top of the lighter marble, has a circular sun-like hole that is echoed in the concave disc below, capturing the mood of the title when the sun is hidden from our view. The stone is worked to a smooth, polished surface which brings out their contrasting and dark qualities.
John Plowman
........"Sun for Everyone," is a somewhat more abstract piece in which Tkabladze explores intriguingly interlocking forms within a shape that merges elements of both the circle and the rectangle. Here, the various elements could suggest figurative allusions, yet they elude easy definition in order to draw the viewer's attention to spatial contrasts and elements of openness and closure".......
Dorothy K. Riordan

"Old Love Story"
Combining drilled holes, sharply incised lines and soft, rounded transition between shapes, this sculptural composition uses the expressive possibilities and hardness and softness to great effect in exploring the theme of past relationships.
John Plowman
old love story
strange game in the frame
sun for all
fierst kiss
little door in soul
fiw interesting ideas
dance under the sun
few questions
high energy
....."Much more suggestive of human anatomy, albeit anomalously distorted, are the two pieces entitled "Mystery 1," and "Mystery 2." In both of these pieces in pristine white marble, George Tkabladze explores flowing organic forms that twist and turn upon themselves, their contours as sensual as the overtly erotic surrealism of artists like Hans Bellmer and Dorothea Tanning True to the title of these pieces, however, Tkabladze, creates forms that are more difficult to pin down, as they appear to morph before one's eyes, suggesting hips and breasts and feet or faces without taking on the specific characteristics of any of those body parts. In "Mystery 1," there is a sense of merging figures, perhaps in erotic embrace, while "Mystery 2" is a more monolithic form with crevices and orifices that create sudden shifts of negative and positive space within a single overall shape that appears to allude to a large, mask-like face......"
Dorothy K. Riordan
...."Yet George Tkabladze brings about a metaphorical transformation of their human attributes that prevents them from becoming in the least prurient. Through this distancing of desire he achieves a personal iconography that is truly transcendent...."
Dorothy K. Riordan
boat of love
mother angel
strange bird
white george
......."In pieces such as "Strange Bird," a work in marble depicting an angularly avian figure that harks back to the birds depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics, as well as in the designs of the Aztecs and other ancient civilizations. Within the body of the bird are smaller human figures that also suggest primitive symbols. At the same time, the piece is thoroughly contemporary in its quirky inventiveness and its bold semi-abstract thrust, forging a vital link between past and present plastic concerns"..............
Dorothy K. Riordan
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...."Gias work reflects the feasting cultures of Ancient Greece and Ancient Georgian - to find that he was also not a man suffering for his art. Gia says he has yet to move on from what they taught him at art schools and find his "own stile". Meanwhile, he's made a very competent beginning with his pure marble "White George" and his anorexic "Adam and Eva"......
Shirly Amiss
adam & eva
torso of horso
....."His intimate, abstract stone sculptures are fraught with personal observation, delving into the age-old unanswered questions of existentialism. Tkabladze's fascination with stone derives not only from its history as a piece of the larger whole, but also due to the fact that as it has an "unforgiving nature, it becomes a challenge to bring it to a new life." Mixing a variety of media and technique (stone, wood and steel) Tkabladze identifies ideas of past, present and future, thereby formulating his internal creative process for self-discovery.".........

Artenisia art gallery
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